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Merrick's began selling dairy products to the feed industry in 1959. Our experience and knowledege with milk and fat ingredients help establish the standards by which milk and fat products are judged today. By 1982 we had developed a full line of milk replacers for calves, baby pigs, lambs, kids and foals.
Merrick's research and development has since led to the introduction of many new products including electrolytes with direct-fed microbials, our calf nurser bottle with patented nipple design, vaccine stabilizers for poultry, as well as many other supplements and additives for all species.Our full line of milk replacers, supplements and additives, boluses, electrolytes, dry fat products and nursing equipment allows us to fulfill a wide variety of needs to guarantee the survival and health of baby animals.
Product Formulations
Our products re formulated and manufactured to exact specifications. Merrick's offers a wide range of ingredient options, and with our many years of experience in the industry, our qualified nutritionists can recommend formulations and provide test information to help determine products that will best meet producers' needs.
Custom Manufacturing
Since Merrick's is a basic manufacturer of milk protein and fat products, we have accessibility to the highest quality ingredients. Coupled with Merrick's large spray drying facilities, this means we can provide our customers with the best formulations and the highest quality ingredients available.
When it comes to capability, Merrick's is large enough to supply our customers, yet small enough to maintain flexibility. With our expanded facilities, we also provide custom manufacturing of private label tablets and boluses for a growing number of customers.
Quality Control
Merrick's takes quality control and assurance seriously. Quality control procedures are in place at all Merrick's manufacturing locations. Our quality control laboratory technicians test all incoming ingredients to ensure that rigid standards are upheld.
Merrick's employees are all directly involved in checking the quality of our products as they move throughout the manufacturing process. This strict quality control and the manufacture of nutritionally advanced products result in Merrick's meeting exact formula standards, providing the ultimate in nutrition, palatability, and utilization that is so vital to the growth and developments of young animals.
We maintain a high level of commitment to make a positive contribution to the individual needs and success of our customers and producers. A major factor in Merrick's success is the support and encouragement of our customers. And we, in turn, value our customers. 
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