Super Calf-Kit

Super Calf-Kit

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Material Safety Data Sheet
In cold winter weather conditions, producers are concerned with calf survival and growth. Newborn calves have limited body fat as energy reserves, sparse hair coat and a high energy need relative to their body weight. Stress and cold weather significantly increase their energy needs.

Calf survivability in cold temperatures depends on its ability to keep a constant or nearly constant core body temperature. Research has demonstrated the benefits of raising the caloric density in whole milk or milk replacer fed to calves. To maintain normal body temperatures in weather below 30¡ãF, calves need a high energy feed. Calves need SUPER CALF-KIT!

SUPER CALF-KIT is economical because you add only 2 oz. per feeding (4 oz per day). . . a very small price to pay for your future replacement heifers or bull calves.

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