Centurion Calf Milk Replacer

Centurion Calf Milk Repalcer

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Material Safety Data Sheet
The FIRST Milk Replacer To GUARD AGAINST SCOURS With A Combination Of PLASMA And Other QUALITY Ingredients 
Unique Combination
Centurion is a unique combination of natural milk and egg product proteins, porcine plasma and special fats, providing the ultimate in nutrients so vital to growing calves.
Nutritious Energy For Greater Gains
Because Merrick's high standards are comparable to edible standards, the natural ingredients in CENTURION Instant Calf Milk Replacer provide added nutrients for greater rates of gain. The higher fat levels provide extra energy also needed during high stress periods.
Proven Results
Over two years of tests prove that calves on the CENTURION Feeding Program maintain a high utilization of these ingredients and show higher than average daily gains.
Natural Prevention Of Scours Saves Time and Money
CENTURION Instant Calf Milk Replacer promotes the prevention of scours naturally through the use of all natural ingredients. It provides the fast results you need for those calves already affected . . . so it saves money on medication and saves time. Most importantly, producers realize greater profits . . . because it saves calves!
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