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Merrick's provides a wide range of bolus products for many livestock species. Our boluses provide optimum degradation rates and contain highly absorbable ingredients.
Boluses offer a convenient method of administering supplements to animals. They are durable, easy to administer and can be used along with other treatments. Merrick's boluses are packaged for easy access and convenient storage between treatments. 
Anti-Diarrheal Bolus - for Dairy and Beef Cattle and Horses
   A special combination of ingredients to help stop diarrhea and soothe irritated intestinal tissue.
Anti-Diarrheal Bolus - smaller size for Dairy and Beef Calves and Foals
   Smaller size for calves and foals to relieve inflamed intestinal tissue and provide a milk antacid effect. 
Aspirin Boluses - 240 and 480 Grain for Dairy and Feed Cattle and Horses 
   For use as an aid in reducing fever and relief of minor muscular aches and joint pains in cattle and horses.
Aspirin Bolus- 70 Grain for Calves, Lambs and Foals
    A smaller 70 grain size to help reduce fever and relieve minor aches and pains in calves, lambs and foals.
DFM Bolus with Omni-bos® CB Plus - for Dairy and Beef Cattle and Horses
   A highly stable Bacillus Direct Fed Microbial combination minimizes specific pathogen challenges. 
Laxcid Bolus - for Dairy and Beef Cattle
   For use as an aid in the treatment of digestive disturbances rquiring a mild laxative or and antacid 
Niacin/B Complex Bolus - for Dairy Cows
   A nutritional supplement for high-producing dairy cows.
Uterine/Proteolytic Bolus - For Dairy and Beef Cattle and Sheep
   A nonmedicated urea bolus for use as an antiseptic and proteolytic aid. 
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