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Merrick's Flavor 2001

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Merrick Flavor 2001 is designed and formulated exclusively for inclusion in Merrick’s milk replacers. The unique and pleasant “Sweet Milky Cream” Merrick flavor agent is specifically constructed to stimulate appetite and milk replacer intake. A one-of-a kind combination of taste, aroma and taste enhancing compounds were used in Merrick Flavor 2001. The special palatability agent was developed and formulated to compliment the natural palatability of Merrick’s milk replacers and to act synergistically with the ingredients used in Merrick’s milk replacers. 
Palatability is a combination of sensory perception, taste and smell and, to a lesser extent, elements such as texture and mouth feel, etc. A truly effective palatability agent must contain both a palatability enhancer and feed attractant element. Merrick Flavor 2001 contains both palatability enhancer and feed attractant components.  
A palatability enhancer is added to enhance or increase the taste of a diet or stimulate the gustatory system. Taste provides the calf with valuable information about the nature and quality of food. A feed attractant is a substance that stimulates the olfactory system and helps the animal locate and identify food. Adding just a feed attractant does not mean an animal will consume the diet.
Merrick Flavor 2001 remains active long after other flavor agents have lost their potency. This ability ensures the milk replacer will taste and smell fresh on delivery and continue throughout storage and feeding. The flavor is formulated with modern flavor technology to maintain stability in order to provide Merrick milk replacers with a powerful aroma following reconstitution with water.  
The distinctive flavor is particularly attractive to young calves, ensuring consistent palatability and milk replacer intake even when appetite is depressed due to stress. Merrick Flavor 2001 optimizes the animal’s acceptance and enhances the natural palatability of milk replacer. Merrick Flavor 2001 is the most complete flavor/aroma agent available ensuring a unique product identity, improving milk replacer recognition and milk replacer intake.
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