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Intensive Feeding Program Comparison

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Intensive feeding programs match a special milk replacer formula with a specific feeding rate to achieve a desired growth objective. In this comparison, a 28-20 program is compared to Merrick's Super Star Formula 25-15 program. The 28-20 program requires a step-up and step-down feeding strategy to transition calves up to a high milk replacer intake level and then down to a lower level prior to weaning at 7 weeks. The 25-15 program uses a standard 2-quart, twice-a-day feeding strategy and 6 week weaning. .
Although each program takes a markedly different approach, by the end of 8 weeks, calf weight is virtually the same. The difference between the two programs is that 25-15 calves drank about one half the amount of milk replacer and ate twice the amount of starter as 28-20 calves. 
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