Calf Electrolytes™ & Calf Electrolytes™ Gel Formula

Supplemental Nutrition

Supplemental source of electrolytes, nutrients and direct-fed microbials specially designed for calves. Available in regular and gel formulations.

4 oz Packet (32940007, Gel 32640107)
5 lb Pail (32940005, Gel 32540105)
25 lb Pail (32940001, Gel 32640101)
100 lb Drum (32940014, Gel 32640114)

Calf Electrolytes™ & Calf Electrolytes™ Gel Formula

32940030, 32940007, Gel 32640107, 32940005, Gel 32540105, 32940001, Gel 32640101, 32940014, Gel 32640114 Categories , , ,


Formulated with ingredients to help water and electrolyte absorption. Recommended for transported calves and during periods of normal stress. Enriched with nutrients and a special blend of direct-fed microbials. Also available controlled gel action formula.


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